Plasma Cutter Version Specific Setup

TBD - The Author doesn’t own this verison so will need help from others

Section 20a: Supplies Needed

  1. Parts Needed:
    1. V-Wheels (4)
    2. Bearings (8)
    3. M8 Washers (4)
    4. M8 machine screws short (4)
    5. M8 machine Screws long (4)
    6. M8 Lock Washer (4) (I think) could be regular M8 washers
    7. M8 eccentric spacers (4)
    8. M8 Nuts (4) I think
    9. Aluminium Extrusion(1)
    10. Limit Switch (1)
    11. M3x20mm machine screws (2)
    12. Limit Switch Wiring Harness (1)
    13. Plasma Plate Halves (2)
    14. Magnet plate and black mounting screw
    15. TBD other parts I can’t tell from the picture
  2. Tools Needed:
    1. Hex Keys
    2. Socket Wrenchs
    3. M8 Wrenchs
    4. #1 or #2 Phillips Head Screw Driver


While not advertised yet on the site a THC can be ordered separately from MillRight for $249 if you mail sales.

Section 20b: Set up the V-Wheels

Please just follow the same process as Option 1: Derek’s Hammer Method

Section 20b: Setting up the Plasma Mount

Someone with a plasma version please give feedback

Pictures courtsey of Dan Zakula Jr.

../_images/section_19b_plasma_mount_1.jpg ../_images/section_19b_plasma_mount_2.jpg ../_images/section_19b_plasma_mount_3.jpg

Based on the pictures it looks like you do the following:

  1. Place a M8 Lock washer on each of the short M8 screws
  2. slide a V-Wheel down the Screw shaft
  3. Slide a eccentric spacer after the V-Wheel
  4. Pass the screw into the Back of Plasma mount
  5. Slip a M8 Nut between the 2 plates of the back plate holding it with a wrench or needle nose pliers
  6. Using a phillips head screwdriver secure the V-Wheel to the Nut
  7. Repeat for the remaining 3 V-Wheels
  8. Secure the front router plate to the back plate with the 4 long M8 screws
  9. Secure the magent plate to the aluminium extrusion with the black flat head screw
  10. Using 2 m3 screws secure the homing switch to the 3d printed block
  11. Secure the 3D printed block to the aluminum extrusion with the appropriate screw
  12. Slide the Extrusion between the V-Wheels
  13. Tighten the eccentrics on each V-Wheel

Section 20ac: Setting up the Plasma Table