Section 7: Install the Y End Plates

Section 7a: Supplies needed

  1. Parts Needed:

      1. Y End Plates (4)

    #2. 5/16”x3/4” Button Cap Screws (16)

  2. Tools Needed:

    1. 5/16” Hex key

Section 7b: Installing the Y End Plates

  1. Optional: In the spirit of tire thieves the the world over, your life will be much easier if you put equal sized wood blocks under the rails to elevate it off of the bench

  2. The Y end plates are all identical. The author did have 2 of theirs delivered with damaged powder coating so they recommend using the “nice” looking ones in the front and hide any damaged ones in the rear.

  3. First do the front end plates

  4. Align the plates to the predrilled holes in the rail

  5. Optionally use loktite

  6. Get 4 screws finger tight

  7. In order to avoid the plate canting, gradually tighten each screw alternating between the 4 until they are firmly torqued in place

  8. Repeat for the other front end plate

  9. For the rear plates at this time you do not want to do final torquing so hold off on loktite. They need to be loose to enable installing the aluminum bed in future steps

  10. Align the plates to the predrilled holes in the rail

  11. Get 4 screws finger tight with about 1/4” of wiggle left in the plate

  12. Repeat for the other rear plate

CONGRATULATION! You’ve reached the half way point and if following along on YouTube the end of video 1.